Shaker Historical Society Offers Pollinators Event

Event will show that bees provide more than stings

If you think bees are simply the source of annoying stings, the Shaker Historical Society has a program for you.

The group will host an event simply titled, "Pollinators," at 2 p.m. Sunday to educate visitors on how vital bees have been to the region and to the diets of human beings everywhere.

The program is part of a year's worth of Shaker Centennial events.

"They pollinate one-third of all the food we eat," said Ann Cicarella, executive director of the . "Let's say all the bees disappear — your food sources would disappear in five years.

"They're the key to anything that produces fruit or vegetables."

The event will include a garden walk for families and also include a discussion of butterflies and their landing points for winter migration. Cicarella said visitors will also receive a history lesson on the Historical Society's Property, 16740 South Park Blvd., where families grew vegetables, fruits and medicinal plans for the North Union Shaker Colony in the 1820s.

"The Shakers were in tune with the environment," Cicarella said. "They knew pollinators were the key."

The event is free, but registration is required. Click here to register or call Centennial Coordinator Anne Williams at 216-496-7064.


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