Shaker Schools: Today Was "As Close To Normal As Possible"

District sends message to parents with information on how the schools are dealing with Friday's tragedy - and how parents can help their kids, too.

Shaker Heights City School District posted a message to parents about how the district is dealing with Friday's  on its website Monday afternoon.

"Our approach as a District is to proceed with the school day, keep a close eye on students and adults, and provide support if needed," the district wrote.

District spokesperson Peggy Caldwell said that the district reassigned staff members as needed to place a psychologist at each of the eight schools, and some schools also have counselors and social workers in the building as well.

Full Text: Shaker Heights City School District Letter to Parents

"Every student and staff member has immediate access to help," Caldwell said.

Parents of students who school staff believe are having trouble dealing with the tragedy will be contacted, she noted.

In younger classes, teachers followed the cues of their students and were careful not to reveal information about the tragedy that their parents hadn't already told them.

"If as parents you have chosen to shield your children from the news, we do not believe it is our place as educators to inform them," the letter stated.

The letter ended with an attachment to an article from the National Association of School Psychologists. Click here to download.

Any parents who have questions about how to help their children deal with the incidents can call their school counselor or their child's teacher. Click here for a directory.

"I think the major thing is that of course this is a terribly sad time for all of us who care about and work with children. It’s a sad time for our country," said Caldwell.

"The best thing that we can do is return to normal life."

Click here to find out how to notify Shaker schools of your updated contact information.


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