REMINDER: Does Your Child's School Know How To Reach You?

Tragedies like the Sandy Hook Elementary School shooting should remind parents to ensure that their child's school has an updated phone number and email address for them.

In light of Friday’s Shaker Heights Schools asked parents to ensure that their child’s school has a valid email address and phone number for them.

“This is a reminder of how important this is that we are able to reach parents,” said district spokesperson Peggy Caldwell, “not just in a crisis but if a student is sick or gets injured.”

She said that parents should either call their school directly to check or send a signed note in with their child with updated information.

Click here for the school directory, or find your child's school in the list below:

Main Number/Administration
(216) 295-1400

(216) 295-4324

Boulevard Elementary School
(216) 295-4020

Fernway Elementary School
(216) 295-4040

Lomond Elementary School
(216) 295-4050

Mercer Elementary School
(216) 295-4070

Onaway Elementary School

(216) 295-4080

Woodbury Elementary School
(216) 295-4150

Shaker Heights Middle School
(216) 295-4100

Shaker Heights High School
(216) 295-4200


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