Shaker Traffic Cameras Receive Support from Traffic Safety Coalition: Letter to the Editor

This letter comes from the co-chairs of the national organization

Editor's note: The following email was sent to Patch as a show of support for the Shaker Heights Police Department's recommendation of traffic cameras throughout the city.

We are writing to express our support for the use of photo enforcement to make our roads and intersections safer (“Shaker Heights Considers Red-Light and Speeding Cameras,” 11/28). Traffic safety laws are put in place to keep people safe on our roads. The increased enforcement of those laws deters dangerous driving that puts people at risk of injury or death. 

Earlier this year, we commemorated the 10th anniversary of the death of our daughter, Sarah. In 2002, a 21-year-old man ran a red light, broadsiding Sarah’s car at 55 mph. She was only 31 years old when she died — a talented high school science teacher with two beautiful children and a bright future ahead of her. 

Crashes like these happen every day – killing about 700 people every year. We cannot afford to watch any more accidents pile up on our streets while we neglect to enforce these basic traffic safety laws. We encourage Shaker Heights officials to keep its residents safe through the installation of traffic safety cameras.


Paul and Sue Oberhauser

National Co-Chairs, Traffic Safety Coalition


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