Shaker Library Considering Major Changes

Library presents strategic plan to community groups and stakeholders

The Shaker Heights Library is considering restructuring its branches, among other changes, to raise efficiency in its system.

The library presented its 2012-2014 strategic plan to stakeholders beginning last fall, including to the Shaker Board of Education, which appoints the library's Board of Directors; and the city, from whom the library leases its main branch building.

The library has two branches in old buildings, Director Luren Dickinson said. The library is responsible for maintenance on both branches — and the main branch needs major work in the next decade.

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Dickinson said that administrators hope not to ask taxpayers for more money for whatever solution the library comes up with, but to work within its current reserves and make changes — like reducing staff — to improve future cash flow.

City Council arranged for Dickinson to meet with an economic development consultant working with the city on the Van Aken District to discuss what part the library may play in plans to restructure the Van Aken-Warrensville Center intersection. 

Wednesday the library's Board of Directors met to narrow down the options the library has to save money in the coming years.

The library is funded by a local library tax paid by Shaker Heights property owners and is separate from the Cuyahoga County Public Library network.


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