Shaker Heights Chamber of Commerce President Reacts to Issue 1 Passage

Shaker Chamber President Debra Hegler sent a statement to Patch about the income tax increase passage

Editor's note: The Shaker Heights Chamber of Commerce issued the following statement after voters approved Issue 1, an income tax increase of 0.5 percent.

The Chamber of Commerce endorsed the payroll tax increase issue that just passed by special election. The president, Debra Hegler, states, “We are glad that the issue was passed, and we can all breathe a sigh of relief that city services will resume at the high levels we are accustomed to.”

She also notes that while glad the initiative passed, “Going forward, we hope to work more closely with city officials in order to develop a viable growth strategy to avoid having to resort to these extreme measures in the future. We cannot cut our way out of our budget problems, we must grow our way to stability. That means we must find a way to make it easier to do business in Shaker Heights to stimulate economic development and attract more small to medium sized businesses.”

We thank the residents for their vote of confidence that we will continue to work on growth strategies in order to avoid having to entertain tax options on the ballot in order to preserve current city service levels.


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