Shaker Has Second-Highest Property Tax Rate in Ohio

Here are the numbers that make up your property tax bill this year

Shaker Heights property taxes will rise by more than 4 mills this year, making the community the second-highest rate in the state, according to data provided by The Plain Dealer and Cleveland.com.

Homeowners will pay $3,797 for every $100,000 in home value this year, up from $3,628 last year, according to the database.

Overall millage stands at 123.98 this year, compared to 118.48 in 2012.

Shaker's rate was second in Ohio behind a location right around the corner — the Shaker Square portion of Cleveland in the Shaker Heights School District. Despite the high ranking, the Shaker school board in October approved a five-year financial forecast that, in part, assumed that voters would approve a 9.9-mill levy in 2014. In 2012, Shaker had the highest property taxes among 77 Cleveland-area suburbs, according to Cleveland Magazine.

At 91.8 mills, Shaker schools, by far gets the largest share of property taxes in the city, costing $2,811 per $100,000 valuation.

The county gets the next-highest amount, or $405. The city collects 9.9 mills, which translates to $303 per $100,000.

For a more detailed look at Shaker's tax situation, click here to see the Cleveland.com database.

Elmer Evans January 23, 2013 at 12:58 PM
The sad part about this piece? Most Shaker residents don't think they are high enough. However, they will when they notice that no one wants to buy a $100k house in Shaker with the same tax as a $500k house in Pepper Pike.
Mark Zetzer January 23, 2013 at 02:30 PM
Any attempt at a property tax levy in 2014 will be met with well-organized and well-funded opposition, including a bright spotlight of reason on the dark scare tactics of the self-serving, tax-and-spend Shaker machine. The school board would do well to begin downsizing now. Taxes have been going up in Shaker for way too long and need to start going down, not up, if we're ever going to attract and retain residents and businesses again.


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