LOOK: How Did Your Shaker Heights Neighbors Vote?

We rounded up the precincts to dig into which precincts voted for which candidate in the 2012 Presidential Election.

Shaker Heights is known as a blue town, and this election was no different. 

Every precinct in the city went overwhelmingly to Barack Obama in the presidential eleciton — by a margin of 15 to 95 percent.

Check out the raw numbers here.

Mitt Romney won only 1 percent of the vote in precinct G, and his highest volume of supporters - where he won 42 percent of the vote - were in precincts U and V.

Check out the chart above for a visual display of the numbers, and click to the map above to see where these precincts are.

Shaker Heights Precinct Barack Obama (D) Mitt Romney (R) A 90% 7% B 69% 31% C 80% 18% D 88% 11% E 82% 17% F 96% 3% G 98% 1% H 97% 2% I 93% 6% J 86% 13% K 84% 14% L 91% 8% M 82% 17% N 87% 11% O 78% 21% P 77% 21% Q 74% 24% R 77% 22% S 67% 32% T 68% 32% U 57% 42% V 57% 42% W 71% 27% X 67% 32%
RJ November 10, 2012 at 02:06 AM
Since I voted for neither of these 2 candidates I must ask.... since 93% of "black" voters voted for Barrack Obama... what can we call this? If 93% of "white" voters had voted for Mitt Romney it would be called racism. But wait our society will not allow this to be said of the Barrack Obama vote! Inquiring minds want to know.


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