Twinsburg Fire Captain's Posts Spread Like Wildfire on Facebook

Do you 'like' the Twinsburg Fire Department's page? Find out more about the page and the man who is in charge of posting information on it.

In just a few years, the Twinsburg Fire Department's Facebook page has grown to more than 1,000 followers — all thanks to a very social fire captain. 

Twinsburg Fire Capt. Steve Bosso, who is also the public information officer, is the man who started the page Jan. 13, 2009. 

"It started out as a group page for the firefighters and then I turned it public," he said. "The first year we had about 100 followers and now we're past 1,000. I tried to quit [the page] once and my phone blew up — it's good to know so many people want the page up."

What's Shared

Bosso said he posts what you'd expect from a fire department — information on fire safety, local events around town and fire prevention efforts. He even posts photos from fires in Twinsburg

"I snap photos anyway for our investigation and then later I can share them on Facebook too," he said. 

But, it's the more candid posts that he thinks people really love — or "like."

For instance, a photo posted of Station 1's Christmas tree with handmade ornaments of employees garnered more than 50 "likes" on Dec. 20. The photos was posted a few weeks before that too, and it picked up more than 30 "likes" that day

Followers can also expect photos of firefighters in training or just palling around.

"We are human so we do humorous things. I like to share some of the more comical stuff too or I may just show you what we're having for dinner," he said. 

While Bosso likes to use the page to share information and photos, he said his favorite thing about running the page is seeing the comments posted to the department's wall from others. 

"The unsolicited comments ... people wish us a Happy New Year, tell us we're the best fire department ever and send general 'Thank you for taking care of us' notes ... those are really cool. Sometimes, that's the best part of the job," he said. 

Fire Safety Tips

The page also allows for his department to be proactive about fire safety. 

"Most recently, we let people know that smoke detectors expire after 10 years," Bosso said. "Some people live in an area — like Ethans and Meadwood — and many homes there are well over 10 years old. Many didn’t realize they expire until they saw our information on the page. If we can fix a problem before it happens ... even better."

While Bosso's audience is growing, he said he's happy if his post reaches even just one person who thinks, "Hey, maybe I should get my chimney cleaned."

Some may not know the man behind the page, but Bosso said he has been recognized in public by Facebook followers he may not have otherwise known.

"I think it's hilarious ... they always say, it's finally nice to meet you in person," he said. 

While posting things on Facebook is entertaining at times, he said he doesn't use social networking to just pass the time. 

What to Expect Soon

He said he has some plans in the works for the Facebook page and he wants to eventually start a Twitter account for the department. 

"I want to introduce someone from the department every few weeks and write a little bio with a picture and post it to the page," he said. 

He also said that starting a Twitter account would be great for spreading information about emergency situations. 

So, what's not to "like?"

Check out the Twinsburg Fire Department's Facebook page if you're not already a follower. If you already "like" the page, what do you like most about it?


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