100 Years in 100 Days: James S. Prescott at Lower Shaker Lake

100 photographs that define Shaker Heights

Shaker Heights Patch is celebrating the 100 years of Shaker Heights history by creating an online scrapbook. Each day for 100 days, we'll feature a photograph that helps tell the story of Shaker Heights.

James S. Prescott, the North Union Shaker Elder featured in the photograph above, helped build the dam at Doan Brook that created in the 1820s.

The stonemason was photographed at the Lower Shaker Lake in 1876 with a group of children. A herd of cows graze in the distance.

Information courtesy of Cleveland Historical, "Lower Shaker Lake."

You can join our celebration of Shaker Heights history. Share your memories in the comments. Or upload your photos and we'll feature them in this scrapbook. Follow #ShakerCentennial on Twitter.


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